What was supposed to be a sermon meant at calling people to the saving cross of Christ or, lately, a money begging scheme panned out in a different way at Lilongwe Falls Assemblies of God yesterday when the pastor for the church, a Bishop M.D Sementi, went flat out lambasting the congregation for not protecting him.

It is said that the senior pastor was alleged to be going out with a member of the congregation who is married to another member of the same congregation. When the husband of the cheating man got hold of his wife’s sexual escapades with the man of god, he launched an attack on him over the week just after the end of a mid-week service.

The congregation did not come to the rescue of the pastor and cheered on as the angry man gave some blows to the man who has been preaching to his family the importance of fidelity.

When he went to the pulpit on Sunday, Bishop Sementi came full force against the congregation for not protecting him against the man and instead celebrating when he was being beaten.

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