A South African based Malawian lawyer, Danwood Mzikenge Chirwa, has indicated that he is going to lead a team of people that will seek private prosecutions of PP top brass being shielded by the President over the Capitol hill looting aka Cashgate scandal.

Chirwa has indicated that with the way things are appearing, it is emerging clearly that there are some other sacred cows in the arrest and prosecutions and thus, seeking that recourse.

He has further disclosed that he is looking for volunteers and all the people who have the information to assist on a voluntary basis in making the private investigations and prosecutions. Chirwa has so far appealed to investigative journalists, lawyers, IT technicians and accountants to come in and assist with the course he plans to take for mother Malawi.

The Capital Hill looting, infamously known as the Cashgate scandal, has blown up in the face of the PP led government and arrests have been made but there is some discontent amongst the general public that the President is still protecting some people within the rank and file of the party.

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