Cotton farmers can now locally source affordable modern and certified cotton seeds following the coming of cotton seed multiplication technology by Cu ton Company limited.
The investment is expected to ease the difficulty farmers face when importing cotton seed from neighboring countries.
Revealing the news, the Cotton Development Trust –CDT Chairperson Patrick Khembo said the seed multiplication starts this farming season- by one of the cotton inputs supplying firms -Cut on.
However Khembo has not disclosed how much was invested begging more time to consult.
“I cannot give you any answer to that question because the companies that have invested significantly especially Cu ton are aware of the costs of the machinery and other related technical expenses.”
CDT is currently the only organization responsible for the regulation of cotton farming and selling as the country is waiting for government to institute a state controlled body to take over the responsibility.
Meanwhile, Khembo has said CDT is ready to stop its duties in the wake of the formulation of the Cotton Council to be run by the state.
Parliament recently passed a piece of legislation allowing for the formation of a state controlled Cotton Council.
Over the week the organization was in Lilongwe in a consultative meeting with stakeholders on their next course of action after the Cotton Council has come into play.
Cotton prices last year averaged MWK200 per kilogram which was a record high.

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