The Economic Recovery Plan has failed, Zimbabwe is better than us, Somalia is even something we should look at with admiration, even the new-born South Sudan has got a lesson or two to teach us when it comes to economy — thus says the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

According to a report the IMF has released for the year 2013, Malawi is the second worst economy in the whole world soon after the war-ravaged Central African Republic whose images when they fleet across the television, one can take in with as little a liking as possible, if any.

The report has disclosed that up to date, the majority of Malawians live on less than one dollar per day and still face a challenge of food security.

The report comes on the backdrop of Malawians facing a food crisis that has seen five reportedly dying in Dedza district from starvation.

Malawians continue to reel under the weight of the ERP which saw the devaluation of the local currency by a heavy 49% before it started to move into other levels of the same devaluation denotation.

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