Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) president Peter Mutharika has come out to deny having any involvement with the ex-campaign director of the party, Bessie Chirambo.

Speaking through his personal aide, Ben Phiri, Mutharika has insisted that the relationship that the two had was purely professional and there never was a time that the two had a private meeting.

Reports once suggested that Mutharika was seeing Chirambo after being approached by some people within the party and the Mutharika family so as to spruce up the younger Mutharika’s image for the 2014 elections. It is said that from that moment, the two started going out.

However, Mutharika who has also been linked to vocal activist Seodi White at one point, was this year seen at the Mulhakho wa Alhomwe festival with Balaka North legislator – Getrude Maseko. A few months later, Chirambo has quit the DPP and has said will contest on an independent ticket in the 2014 elections.

Chirambo cited the DPP as being regionalistic for her decision but others have said that it is her being dumped by Mutharika that influenced her decision.

While Mutharika has denied ever being in an affair with Chirambo, the vocal lady has said that the DPP should just shut up or she will spill beans. It is not known whether the beans are on the affair or something else but the DPP President’s aide has challenged that they, as well, know better Bessie and are ready to take her on in case of anything.

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