The United Democratic Front (UDF) has come out to dispel as untrue social media rumours that its presidential candidate, Atupele Muluzi, tumbled in the primary elections in his Machinga North-East.

Lately, there were rumours on the social media to the effect that Muluzi had suffered a defeat in his own constituency in the primary elections. The rumours garnered support with people wondering how Atupele could then win national elections if he had failed in his own constituency and, especially, at party level.

However, party spokesperson, Ken Ndanga, said that the rumours were nothing but lies and mere speculations aimed at bringing confusion amongst UDF supporters and tarnishing the image of its party president, Muluzi.

Ndanga said that the party will start holding primaries in the constituencies of their sitting MPs in the January of 2014 and there just is no way that Mr. Muluzi could have lost before the primary elections were held.

Another vocal advocate of the UDF brand on social media and a Member of Parliament as well, Shaibu Kaliati, simply questioned the people propagating the rumour as to who was the person who had won in the primaries in which Atupele had lost.

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