Former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General who has now joined President Banda’s team of press officers after defecting to the PP sometime back, Wakuda Kamanga, has gone to town warning journalists that they should live within their freedoms and not enjoy abusing the same.

Wakuda Kamanga was speaking at a Press conference he organized to react to a press review by Joy FM radio journalists in which they labelled state President Joyce Banda as arrogant for overriding a court decision in her elevation of T/A Kapeni to Senior Chief Kapeni despite a court order restraining her from doing the same as there was a wrangle in within the family over the same.

However, instead of just letting it go, Kamanga who was flanked by another press officer of the President, Tusekelo Mwanyongo, warned that such a behaviour as exhibited by the Joy FM journalists was uncalled for and he further said that the journalists had to familiarize themselves with the issue at hand before commenting.

Critics have slammed Kamanga’s approach which is seemingly to be going back to the DPP days when everything that was uttered by critics of the President anywhere had to be reprimanded by Dr. Heatherwick Ntaba, the Presidential Press Officer then.

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