Former Budget Director in the ministry of finance, Paul Mphwiyo, has submitted that on the day he was shot, he recognized the former minister of justice, Ralph Kasambara, at the day of the shooting together with Pika Manondo.

Media reports today have quoted the submission from Attorney General, Bruno Kalemba, to the lawyers representing Kasambara, Ritz attorneys, in which Mphwiyo is alleged to have attested to the fact that he recognized Kasambara on the day he was shot at.

Kasambara is currently on bail answering charges of attempting to murder the ex budget director at his area 43 residence in the capital, Lilongwe, on September 13.

Soon after his shooting, President Banda said that she knew the person behind the shooting. The shooting was followed by the Cashgate scandal which has tainted President Banda’s image.

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