For those who doubted the future of the Cashgate cases, it appears they now have serious grounds to raise their fears after the Deputy police Inspector General, Nelson Bophani, disclosed that it will take time to start prosecuting the people accused of looting government resources from the Capitol hill.

Speaking to a local radio station, the deputy inspector general who was tasked with investigating the looters, commonly called cashagters, said that since the Cashgate scandal was the first, then investigations in the case were still undergoing and would take time.

The remarks by Bophani has added fuel to the allegations that made round not so long ago indicating that the Cashgaters had warned that they would take down President Banda with them if she was not going to protect them from prosecution.

President Banda has, however, touted herself as a champion against corruption and has said that she is the first one to arrest people involved in corruption even if they were close to her.

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