Former Justice Minister who was arrested by the Police yesterday on the charges of money laundering is out of police custody on bail and will be in court tomorrow, FaceofMalawi understands.

However, his being in court tomorrow is not as an accused or a witness but as a lawyer to some of the women who were arrested in connection to the Cashgate scandal that has rocked the country.

Kasambara who was earlier arrested on the grounds of conspiring and attempting to murder the ex-Budget Director in the ministry of Finance, Paul Mphwiyo, yesterday alleged that his arrest was a plot by the government to stop him from representing the two women as the government just wants to implicate some people in the scandal while leaving out the actual criminals.

On Sunday, minister of justice, Fahad Assani, was on air as well indicating that he would see to it that Kasambara was behind bars. His remarks echoed those of the state President, Joyce Banda, who said she would see to it that Kasambara rots in jail.

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