Lawyers representing Ralph Kasambara and his accomplices in a case in which he is being accused of attempting to take the life of Paul Mphwiyo, an ex-budget director in the Ministry of Finance have this morning forced Judge Esmy Chombo to recuse herself from the case.

Arguing on the grounds that Chombo appears to be under pressure from some political powers to twist the ruling against Kasambara, the lawyers argued that Chombo should therefore recuse herself and she has since honored that request.

President Banda earlier this earlier promised to see to it that her former minister of justice, Ralph Kasambara, rots in prison for dragging her into the case after Kasambara had said that he would want her to be one of his witnesses in the case.

There was also drama at the court as some security personnel stopped journalists and other people from taking photos of the shot ex-Budget director, Paul Mphwiyo.

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