Vice President Khumbo Kachali today came out in the open to lambast all those who have been spreading rumours that he has fallen out with the state President, Joyce Banda, for her choice of Sosten Gwengwe as her running mate and leaving him out.

Speaking at a rally in Mzimba, Kachali said that he was not angry with the decision to leave him out and pledged his support to the ruling Peoples’ Party (PP) under the leadership of President Joyce Banda claiming that she is a development conscious leader.

The Vice president also thanked the President for choosing him as a Vice President and indicated that she was the first ever Malawian President to have had a Vice President from the Northern region, a fact which history will not forget, so said Kachali.

At the rally it was even seen that the Vice President could interact with the President unlike the past days when even their sitting plan had to change with the retired chief justice, Richard Banda, sandwiching the two at Marymount Secondary School.

Kachali further indicated that the entire Northern region was rallying behind the PP and its leader, Joyce Banda.

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