Fresh from the Cashgate scandal, the state residences have made sure that they remain in the scandal sheet and this time with an overspending of over 400 percent from its allocated budget.

Media reports indicate that the state residencies were apportioned an at least amount of MK 3.6 billion but this figure had already been blown by the January of this year and they were now hitting the roof of MK 15 billion and still going.

State residencies’ overspending can be attributed to the incessant travels of President Banda who has been on the road in more times than she has been in office doing things that she has been accused of as being petty which include the distribution of goats, cows and elevation of chiefs.

Time and again, President Banda has indicated that she will not stop traveling all across the country.

Meanwhile, the financial officers at the state residencies have produced a report highlighting government’s over-expenditure with months away to elections and another budget year.

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