AS one way of improving the players welfare, Big Bullets Football Club officials over the Weekend launched a raffle draw to source out funds.

The draw was inaugurated at Balaka stadium during the People’s team friendly match.

General Secretary for Bullets Harold Fote said the draw aims at raising funds to assist the team’s players.

“The purpose of this raffle is to find money to assist our players so that they live better lives. This is one of the several initiatives we have put in place ensure that our players are no longer beggars and we believe if all Bullets supporters assist our team will no longer be the same.

“For a long time we have been relying on companies and individuals to assist the team but the problem has been that these companies and individuals had their own interest in the team and ended up just using the team so we realized that our main and best asset is the supporter hence the initiative”, he said.

For one to enter the draw, he or she has to buy a ticket which is going at K200.

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