The first phase of the voter verification exercise in the southern region has ended with continued irregularities of missing names on the voter’s roll in some centres.

Some people who lost their voter registration certificates could not find their names on the voter’s roll to facilitate a replacement, casting doubts on whether they would be allowed to cast their vote on May 20.

It has also been established that some registered voters ignored to take part in this exercise of verifying their details.

For example, at Namiwawa centre in Blantyre, less than five hundred people have verified their names out of over two thousand who registered there.

Speaking to the media, one of the supervisor’s at Namiwawa, says it has been difficult to help people who lost their certificates when their names are also missing on the voter’s roll.

Meanwhile, MEC officials say some centres that failed to open on the first say in the first phase of the voter inspection exercise will have an extension equivalent to the period they were non-operational.

Last month, MEC had to suspend the voters’ roll inspection exercise “due to logistical challenges and inadequacies in the preliminary voters’ roll”.

The exercise then resumes on April 9 to April 13, 2014, with MEC affirming that it has worked on the inconsistencies that were discovered in the voters roll and it is now ready to resume the exercise.

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