Piksy sends warning shots to Lawi with Tsoka Liyenda


Piksy on Saturday, released a new-dimensional hit single titled Tsoka Liyenda, a vernacular wording of ‘flow of misfortunes’.

The hit single is preceding his forthcoming album which can arguably be described as Malawi’s appetizing track pack, ready to challenge Lawi’s hot release.

The single has been relevantly negotiated, fully charged with thrilling coordination. For an artist who is best known with songs like Unamata, Uncle short one, and Appetizer; listening to this brand new track would leave one appreciating that Piksy has taken a new ‘serious’ dimension in his career.

The song is a fusion of a traditional touch with the voice of late Robert Gwirani on the chorus and Piksy’s trademark rap, lyrics and rhymes. It becomes Piksy’s first traditional blended piece.

Again, he interestingly slightly leaves his usual target audience which is mostly the youth and takes on parents how best they can handle their children to avoid future recuperation.

“Muziwaphunzitsa anawa/popangira pa mawa/asamayese ngati ophweka moyo/mukazapita adzakhala akapolo…” (Teach the children for tomorrows sake.. do not let them think like life is simple, they will become slaves when you are dead)” goes one of the wonderfully rhymed lines in the song.

“You can agree with me that some parents tend to spoil their children and most of them end up suffering after the parents are gone”, recounted Piksy in an interview with the media explaining the content of his song which is, to a degree, corroborating Lucius Banda’s ‘Musamawanamize Ananwa – a 2001 release.

“My advice to them is to send the kids to school. Let them learn, do not make their lives too easy to the point that they take it for granted,” he said while describing the song as his best release so far.

“The song is good. I will let it speak for itself. I rate it as the most matured song I have done so far. Like I said; this album is all about maturity and stability. So this is just the beginning. I present this song which is enjoyable and full of pieces of advice,” said the Airtel Ambassador in his remarks further informing that the song has been produced by Lilongwe’s DJ Sley.

Meanwhile, if permitted to judge from dominance, Lawi is the hottest artist enjoying massive airwaves with his ‘Amaona Kuchedwa’ hit. However, Piksy’s new release arguably sends warning waves to Lawi.

Download Tsoka Liyenda here

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