Mighty Wanderers dream of taking on board Charles Manda to replace Stuart Mbolembole who resigned after  the team’s 2-o loss over the Weekend against Silver Strikes, may become a nightmare as Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has said any of its technical employees cannot work for another team or institution as per contract requirement unless they resign.

 “Manda is working full-time for the association and as per contract, he is not supposed to be engaged by any other institution or club.

 Secondly, we have not received any official communication on the issue, as such, I need to sit down with him to get to the bottom of the issue”, said FAM chief executive officer Suzgo Nyirenda.

 Wanderers gave Mbolembole four games to decide his stay at the club but he resigned before completing the games.

 Meanwhile it is not yet known if really Manda accepted the offer as claimed by the Nomads as Face of Malawi’s effort to talk to Manda proved futile.

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