As May 20 draws closer, FaceofMalawi understands that government will be bringing into the country security dogs that are meant for deployment into opposition party strongholds.

According to sources, the dogs are alleged to be used in beefing up security so that in case of any post-election violence the situation should be manageable.

However, others have argued that the dogs will be used for intimidating people so that when results that are perceived to be biased and rigged are announced people should not protest.

President Banda and her Peoples’ Party (PP) have quashed all rumours that they intend to rig elections and have warned opposition parties spreading the news.

This year’s closely contested elections are appearing to be a tough one for the incumbent President, a scenario like that of 1994 when Malawi smoothed over to multiparty. This has, therefore, made many claim that Banda intend to rig the elections.

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