Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has said that it is now busy preparing for the swearing in ceremony of its leader Peter Mutharika after the May 20 polls.

Speaking in an interview with the Mutharika owned Galaxy FM, director of operations in the party who is also a personal assistant to the party President Ben Phiri, he said that as a party the DPP was now busy with preparations for the May elections aftermath in which their candidate will be sworn in.

Phiri was responding to allegations that he together with the former police chief Peter Mukhito were planning to assassinate information minister, Evangelist Brown James Mpinganjira.

“That is a lie, as a party we all are busy with one thing and that is the swearing in of our Presidential candidate, Peter Mutharika,” said Phiri indicating that the DPP was not going to lose the election at any cost.

The ruling Peoples’ Party (PP) has as well indicated that they are not losing the elections and this means that at least two candidates are very determined of winning the election such that an outcome that is contrary to their expectations.

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