One of the country’s leading mobile service providers-Airtel Malawi
has launched a new Samsung Galaxy S5B Handset.

The company’s New Managing Director-Haiko Shilitike launched the
handset in the capital Lilongwe last week before taking the initiate
to Blantyre on 09th of May.

In an interview, Shilitike – has expressed its continued commitment
towards providing world-class technologies and solutions that aim at
addressing evolving and emerging needs of its customers in the

Among other unique facilities for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Handset is its
ability to stay in water for 30 minutes without developing any fault.
The phone can also be used for tasting High Blood Pressure among other

Speaking in an interview with a local radio station, Airtel Malawi’s New Managing
Director Haiko Shilitike, described the handset as a unique
cutting-edge devise which enables its users to connect in ways they
have probably only dreamed of, but never imagined possible.

According to Shilitike, the new phone defies some of the usual
communication barriers, enabling its users to connect even in
most-likely of situations.

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