Principle Secretary to Ministry of Education Anjimire Mtila Oponyo
says she is not where she is because of her biological relations with
President Joyce Mtila Banda.

Oponyo, a sister to JB said this in Zomba when she was making her
speech during the launch of MBC’s FDH Bank’s sponsored Top of the
Class program.

Speaking earlier before Minister of education Dr Lucius Kanyumba’s
launching remarks, Dr Anjimire Mtila Oponyo, Principle Secretary for
basic Education in the ministry of Education, highlighted that she is
a genuine teacher passionate to her profession.

“I have been a teacher for over twenty years, and I am not here at the
ministry (as PS) because my sister is the president of the country.”
Oponyo said.

Oponyo also said she heard that boys are complaining that most of the
scholarships are being offered to girls, a complaint she sympathized

However, Oponyo, without clarifying her ministry’s response on the
query, urged stakeholders including men who have influence to consider
giving boys scholarships.

“I think it is important that boys should be awarded scholarships just
as girls, men where ever you are it is your responsibility to make
sure you are awarding them some scholarships.

“I have been hearing some scholarships initiated by among others
Gospel Kazako, you should also consider this complaint.” Oponyo said
in brief.



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