Peoples’ Party (PP) of President Joyce Banda has expressed its dismay with the United Democratic Front (UDF) that is led by Atupele Muluzi accusing it of rigging.

Speaking at a press briefing this morning organized by the Malawi Electoral Commission this morning at the national tally centre at COMESA hall in Blantyre, Secretary General of the PP Paul Maulidi indicated that in the lower shire the UDF through its latest catch Sidik Mia was distributing money to influence votes.

“I must mention names here, we have information that it is Hon. (Sidik) Mia who is paying people to vote for a candidate of his choice,” said a visibly angry Maulidi.

Mec chairperson, Maxon Mbendera in a response advised Maulidi to take up the issue with proper authorities via the proper channels if he had evidence.

Sidik Mia announced in the last week of campaigning that his money was on Muluzi and urged people of the country to do the same.

Meanwhile, there has been no response from Mia on the damaging remarks made against his name by the Secretary General of the party in which he was its Vice President.

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