Whistle-blower Innocent Mawaya has come in to claim that the Malawi Electoral Commission is deliberately taking long to start streaming in the elections results as their aim is to rig the elections in favour of President Banda and the Peoples’ Party (PP) who it is evidently clear that are losing the plot.

According to Mawaya, last night President Banda made a call to Malawi Electoral Commission commissioner, Rev. Emmanuel Chimkwita-Phiri, advising him that they delay the results so that they can tamper with the system and twist figures.

Mawaya makes claims that Banda made a testing on her rigging machinery this morning where it proved to be workable. He alleges that the PP plans to be hijacking data midway via VPN link from all the DCs on their way to the MEC tally center in Blantyre.

Meanwhile, a message has been circulating on social networks alleging that the opposition Democratic Progressive Party is as well rigging elections.

Critics have however laughed off the message indicating that an opposition party cannot rig the elections.

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