It has now become apparent that the Malawi Presidential Poll has now come down to two contenders, Rev. L Chakwera and Prof. A Mutharika after 19 districts of counting. Yesterday, an injunction application by Joyce Banda’s Peoples Party to stop media houses from broadcasting the running unofficial results was quashed by the High Court as being too pre-mature and without strong basis. Allegations of digital rigging were also not enough to convince the MEC to start recounting the votes manually since their system was not hacked as alleged by the People’s Party.

As it stands at 19 districts so:

  1. Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika (Democratic Progressive Party) – 1, 789, 527
  2. Dr Lazarus Chakwera (Malawi Congress Party) – 1, 387, 120
  3. Dr Joyce Hilda Banda (People’s Party) – 1,042,150

For more updates on the Malawi Poll results check this page >> Malawi Election Results

You can also view our image map to see an interactive map of how voting by district is going >> Malawi Election District Map

Projected Parliamentary Composition of the Malawi Parliament
Projected Parliamentary Composition of the Malawi Parliament

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