A phrase in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has sent tongues wagging indicating that the DPP is a party that is dedicated at bringing satanism in Malawi.

The phrase which reads that ‘The DPP will seee to it that Malawi participates in the NEW WORLD ORDER’ has seen religious fanatics who have always believed that the NEW WORLD ORDER will herald the end of the world as it will be the introduction of the 666 Mark of the Beast claim that the DPP is a satanic party and will eventually lead Malawi into the hands of the devil.

However, DPP supporters have dismissed the fears indicating that the phrase simply means that the DPP will make sure that the country gets involved in global issues and it has nothing to do with religion.

In his prophecy that has been said by commentators as accurate, a Lilongwe prophet who is now in South Africa Austin Liabunya said that a brother to a former President would win the elections after going through some troubles and he would lead the nation in the worshiping of the devil.

With the win of Mutharika and the trouble that he went through as well as the presence of the phrase in the DPP manifesto, some religious fanatics are fearing that finally the satanism is here.

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