Following the plans by government to Migrate from analogue broadcasting to digital broadcasting by 2015, Face of Malawi has established that Wananchi Group, a leading provider of cable and internet services in East Africa, owner of pay  TV Zuku, is set to open its TV station in Malawi.

The TV station launch will cost the company about $10 million.

Speaking in an interview  on the development, Wananchi Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Richard Alden said:

“We are excited to unveil Zuku TV in Malawi, together with our local partner NICO Holdings Limited. We believe through our compelling offering- a wide selection of entertainment channels covering news, sports, movies, documentaries and music we are inevitably contributing to the country’s digital knowledge and economy infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure the majority if not all households in the country have access to our world class digital television content at very affordable subscription charges,” said Alden.

Alden added, “With over 105 channel options now available on Zuku TV, we will keep making it even better, not only through competitive pricing, but also spicing up our content in an effort to give value for money while keeping our subscribers informed and entertained.”

On his part, Managing Director (MD) of NICO Holding Limited Felix Mlusu said that NICO is excited by the partnership with Wanachi Group.

“As a Malawian multinational company, we constantly seek to uplift the standards of the Malawian living experience. The entry of Zuku TV into the market will enable more Malawians to enjoy a high quality yet affordable entertainment and we are proud to be part of that process.” added Mlusu.

Consumers will be treated to many of Zuku TV’s tailor-made channels such as Zuku Africa, airing African content, Zuku Life-airing documentaries, Zuku Sports, a first of its kind kids channel dubbed Zuku Kids that provides both entertainment and edutainment for children aged between 6 and 12 years and  as well as a number of themed movie channels .

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