Outspoken veteran politican Kamlepo Kalua, gave his maiden speeh in parlament as Rumphi east legislator by demanding justice for Robert Chasowa, a university student who was murdered in 2011 under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) brutal regime.

Chasowa, was a political activist and dealt with senior police officers including DPP leaders, in trying to stop street demonstrations against former late president Bingu Wa Mutharika, was brutally murdered the month of September 2011.

“Chasowa was murdered during the DPP regime, we need to know what happened and the president should conclude this case,” said Kalua in response to the state of the nation address delivered by President Peter Mutharika last week.

Mr Kalua, a lawmaker for former ruling party people’s party (PP) faulted the DPP led government for doing nothing on the case but speaker of parliament Richard Msowoya caution him saying when MPs are making accusations in the house “there is a need to have evidence.”

Chasowa was allegedly killed for polical reasons.

The trial of suspects has stalled despite police handing over the case file to the Director of Public Prosecutions Bruno Kalemba.

Following the release of the report of Chasowa to the commission of inquiry headed by Justice Andrew Nyirenda, police in October 2012 arrested people, mostly members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) whose names are included in the report.

Those arrested, but are currently on bail, included DPP exective member and now MP Noel Masangwi and DPP youth director Lewis Ngalande.

Among suspects who were arrested in connection with the murder of Chasowa included police officers from the Southern Region Offices.

Some of those arrested in connection to his death include boxing promoter, Mike ‘Bangwe One’ Chitenje, Police Constable,Stanford Horea, Stoni John and Isaac ‘Mtopwa One’ Osman, Frank Julius, Dolph Geoffrey Botoman and Petros Tembo.

The Commission of Inquiry named 15 people as possible suspects in the murder of Chasowa.

Chasowa, who studied engineering at Polytechnic, was found dead at the college campus in Blantyre in September 2011. Police said he had jumped to his death from a five storey building and produced a bogus suicide note as evidence.

But an autopsy report reveald thatChasowa was assaulted to his head by a blunt instrument rather than a fall from a tall building as was claimed by the police.

A Justice Andrew Nyirenda led inquiry ordered by former president Joyce Banda ruled that Chasowa was indeed murdered

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