Citizen Journalist : Edgar M’Baluku

Its not a surprise to learn that no candidate has passed 6 points in this year’s Exams (MSCE 2018) and a lot of them have flopped in science subjects with others getting zero grades.

How can you expect them to perform well in Science subjects when other students are learning in schools that have no Science Laboratories and they haven’t sat for JCE exams for the past two years.

I don’t blame the students for performing miserably but I blame the Government for our Poor Education System, they’re failing to invest in Education how can the Government abolish the JCE exams which for along time has acted as a starting point for candidates to get themselves ready for MSCE.

Let this Year’s MSCE results be a Lesson as if we can not do something about this we will continue getting this kind of results in coming years.


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