Former Malawi Vice President Justin Malewezi and the Public Affairs Committee (Pac) have called for a quick implementation of the 2007 constitutional review recommendations in an effort to correct different difficulties since the country attained democracy 20 years ago.
So far the proposals have come at a time when the country is yet to implement recommendations made seven years ago during the constitutional review.
At its governance meeting early this month Pac recommended that government should implement the 2007 Constitutional Review recommendations if transformative leadership is to be realized.
Pac Executive Director Robert Phiri noted that though statements have been made by the incumbent president for change of leadership style, the political landscape in Malawi remain unpredictable and very fluid in nature.
“Agents of change must also reflect on their strategies in order to turn around the country’s fortunes. Pac is aware that after 50 years Malawi must change its mindset.
“We have to move on unlike just talking, let us resolve to do the work. Old ways will not work. However, this should be accompanied by several legal reforms,” Phiri explained.
He said Pac will among others advocate for implementation of Sections 64 and 65 which were part of the recommendations in the review process.
Phiri stated that Pac shall re strategies on how to engage government in amending the Local Government Act.
Speaking in an interview on Tuesday, the former Vice President said without the review implemented, government was holding its people at ransom.
“Malawi’s 1994 constitution was clearly adopted with the objective of ushering in a new beginning but the only review that has ever taken place was conducted with the aim of addressing the gaps that were posing challenges to our Malewezi, Pac back reforms democracy. If we continue to grow as a country without implementing the recommendations and reforms, our democracy will keep facing hurdles,” said Malewezi.
He added that Malawians were being held at ransom with the review gathering dust observing Malawians are eagerly waiting to enjoy the fruits the recommendations would bring to the fore.
Among other pertinent challenges the country has faced, since the review was conducted include the power struggle that engulfed the country following the death of former President Bingu wa Mutharika in April 2012 would not have been the case with the recommendations said Malewezi.
He said the country had planned to have a review of its supreme law every ten years meaning that the cost and many other resources that were invested on the 2007 review will go down the drain if the reforms were not implemented.
He however said it was unfortunate that past government have not shown commitment to the recommendations activated but instead have been implementing beats of the recommendations.
The constitutional review report of 2007 recommended among others that the president shall be elected by 50 percent of the total votes cast since in the presidential system of government, executive powers is concentrated in the presidency, and hence it was argued that the president should enjoy the support of absolute majority of votes cast to achieve the required legitimacy.

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