A Man in Kasungu burnt his niece’s private parts on 5 July for refusing to have sex with him.
So far Kasungu police have arrested the culprit named Kennedy Banda, aged 42.
Banda cut his nieces private parts and burnt them for refusing to have sex with him on July the 5th. The suspect who hails from Kalemba traditional authority Chilowamatambe cut his nieces private parts after he had quarrelled with his wife for refusing him sex.
On 9th July, 2014, Kasungu Police on Monday arrested Kennedy Banda, 42, for burning private parts of niece after she had refused to have sex with him.
We were told that the suspect on 5th July at Kalembo Village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chilowamatambe burned the private parts of his 25 year-old niece, Nellie Josephy, after she turned down his sexual advances and quarreled with his wife.
Speaking in an interview police spokesperson Sub Inspector Edwin Kaunda said the victim Nellie Josephy aged 25 was one of two nieces who stayed with the suspect since 2008.

Mr Kaunda further told us that the victim was referred to Kasungu District Hospital where she was treated as an outpatient. And that Mr Banda will soon appear in court answer charges of intended cause to grievous harm.

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