Delegates to the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) Post-Elections Conference in Blantyre have resolved to ask Malawi National Assembly abandon the current electoral laws and adopt a Fifty Plus One method of electing the President – used in countries like South Africa – in future elections.

PAC Spokesperson Father Peter Mulomole disclosed this through a statement made at the end of the conference.

In the statement, Mulomole said that delegates believe the current system which the country uses in electing President and Members of Parliament has caused confusion especially when few votes separates the winner and the nearest competitor.

According to the delegates, they accused the current electoral which is the First Past the Post as the system which contributes to lots of Challenges like the one that locked the May 20 tripartite election.

First Past the Post is a polling system where the candidate who receives majority of the votes wins an election.

However, the grouping said it will first will consult Malawians on the issue before taking the matter to Parliament for approval.

If approved, it means there will be an election re-run between the top two candidates in a scenario where none of the contestants has managed to win more than 50% of the votes.

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