Election of mayors in the cities is awaiting Members of Parliament to return from Parliament and take part in the voting process, the Ministry of Local Government has said.
The spokesperson for the ministry Muhlabase Mughogho said the MPs have a right to vote.
“MPs will take part in the voting. Section 5 sub section 1(c) of the amended Local Government Act gives the right of voting to Members of Parliament apart from councilors,” Mughogho said.
She said that since this first council meeting will primarily focus on voting, it is of utmost importance that members of parliament be present.
“Opportunity will be given to councilors who wish to express the interest to run for the position of chairpersons in districts and mayors in cities” Mughogho said.
She said the Chief Executive Officer or District Commissioner will then have to request that all the candidates to come in front, in turns, where they will be given time, five minutes each, to state how their suitable they are and how they are to handle the duties of the office, she said.
“The candidate shall highlight their age, education, professionalism and or occupational experience and a statement about their vision of the Council under their leadership if elected”, she said.
She said all elected members (Councilors) and Members of Parliament will then each be given a ballot paper, on which they will be allowed to vote for a candidate of their choice, by writing his or her name;
“The ballot papers will be tallied by the Chief Executive Officers and District Commissioners. The Chief Executive Officer and the District Commissioner will then announce the results and declare the winner. In the event that there is a tie with the highest number of votes, a second vote will be cast to choose between or among the candidates,” she said.
She said the Chief Executive Officers and District Commissioner will stand down paving way for the elected Chairperson/Mayor to make an acceptance speech and to chair the meeting thereafter.
She said the same procedure will be used to elect the Vice Chairperson or Deputy Mayor.
But however analysts have requested the government to repeal the law that gives MPs powers to have a vote at the local council.

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