NBS bank has finally signed an agreement with Mukuru, a South African company to facilitate easy cross boarder money transfer from countries outside Malawi.

The company’s marketing and public relations manager Timothy Ngwira says the agreement comes upon realization of how untrustworthy it has been for someone sending money to a relative in Malawi from countries in Europe, South Africa, United States and others.

“Instead of handing over the money one sends to a relative through a friend, the end result has usually been stories of how they end up not having the money they got to deliver,’ he noted.

The bank has partnered with Mukuru, one of the leading cross-border money transfer companies which will be facilitating sending of money to Malawi from those staying in countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Canada, Europe and United Kingdom.

Ngwira indicated that the service is open to all, even those that are not registered with the bank as customers.

Marketing manager for Mukuru, Mike Cookies said this service is instant as long as the recipient has proof of identity and a short message from the sender outside Malawi.

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