The first attack took place at Mangochi Turn-off Total Filling Station and according to Machinga Police spokesperson Adrew Mayawo.

He said the robbers arrived at the filling station whereby they tied a guard from a nearby shop before breaking into the filling station shop where they stole money amounting MK 1.3 million.

Mayawo also revealed that at the time the filling stations guard was unavailable, saying that he told his friend that he wasn’t feeling well and that he went to recuperate but did not inform his superiors thereby leaving the station with no security detail.

The second attack took place just three day after the first robbery but at Energem Filling Station at Cape Maclear turn-off.

According to Mangochi Public Relations officer Roderick Maida, he said “the thugs who were armed with pangas and other weapons tied two guards with ropes then broke into the stations shop and stole all cash amounting MK13, 662,987.”

He further stated that after stealing the criminals sped off in an unidentified car leaving the guards confined in one of the rooms at the filling station.

“The matter is still under investigation and no arrests have been made so far,” said Maida.

The Police in Mangochi have appealed to the general public to report any people they might suspect to be involved in the robberies.

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