Education activist Benedicto Kondowe made an ultimatum in the local media, for Malawi National Examination Board (MANEB) to release the end of examination results before the start of the next academic year which is scheduled to roll-out in the next three weeks.

It is lack of seriousness on the part of MANEB to be releasing examination results after the start of academic year arguing the tendency academically affects students who depend on the results of examination to go back to school said Kondowe.

The examination results in question are that of Primary School Leaving certificate of Examination (PSLCE), Junior Certificate of examination JCE) and Malawi School Certificate of Examination (MSCE).

In the recent past, it has been the tendency of MANEB to release examination results after commencement of an academic year. It is yet to be seen if the examination body will heed to Kondowe’s call.

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