The newly appointed Malawi Ambassador to the United Kingdom Dr Hetherwick Ntaba ‎has promised to serve Malawians diligently if he will be approved by the parliamentary Public Appointments Committee PAC.

Ntaba revealed of the development soon after attending a two hour ambassadorial interview ‎before a panel of 20 members of parliament that forms the committee.

“I can’t say much as regards how the outcome of this interview will be like, but all I know is that I have answered all the questions to the best level of my knowledge, once I have been approved by the committee, I will serve my country diligently” explained Ntaba.

Other Ambassador candidates who also took part in the interviews include: Margaret Rocka Mauwa who is heading to South Africa, Thoko Banda who is heading to the European Union while others will be interviewed on Tuesday.

Chairperson of the Public Appointments Committee PAC of parliament Lingson Berekanyama expressed satisfaction with full representation of his committee members and that the candidates had shown maturity and presented credentials that members scrutinised during the day long interview process.

He said that the committee is more serious in their scrutiny because an ambassadorial post is a serious post that reflects the image of the country and its leader.

“You know ambassadors are the face of a president and a country wherever they go, they articulate issues on behalf of the nation‎ so we can’t compromise on endorsing or approving someone who we think is not capable to do right things for the nation.

During these interviews we follow the country’s foreign policy laws as our basis for these interviews, so we are acting within the laws” said Berekanyama.

He said that once interviews are completed by Tuesday, ‎the committee will submit the results to the Office of President and Cabinet to announce who has passed the interviews or failed.


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