Reflecting on a number of decisions that I made during the campaign period and within my few months in office as President of this great nation. What comes to my mind is my choice of the Vice President Mr Saulos Chilima.

I feel confident and rewarded for choosing a young vibrant Vice President. As a President, you can only deliver if you are surrounded by great minds. I believe you can agree with me that Mr. Chilima is one of them Malawi has produced.

Malawi Public Sector needs the necessary reforms; that’s why I have entrusted him with his current role and I am happy to see that he is on the right path and he will deliver that objective.
We need these changes now lest our Public Sector remains in the old ages and fail to pace the current demands.

I can’t close this reflection without thanking my party and its leadership for trusting me on this decision. I call upon all Malawians to work and support him in this challenging task.

God bless our Vice President and may God bless you all.

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