Reggae sensation and record producer Steven Chibwazi aka Stich Fray in association with Trap entertainment has announced the release of “Dreams and Thought” mixtape.

The mixtape contains 10 reggae songs which include the singles previously released, among them “Achoke Achoke”, “Wa Minibus” and the most recent “Ndinalota”.

The mixtape is named after Stich Fray’s Blantyre-based D&T Records located at Chilobwe, where the artist resides.

The Mixtape, produced by Stich Fray and his brother Revison Chibwazi aka Maximum Rev at D&T Records, was officially released on Saturday, 13 September, 2014 and is available for free download on the internet on one of the local music download websites,

Dreams and Thoughts is inspired by everyday living amongst the people of Malawi, and the songs contain messages that centres on various concepts about love, tribulations and happiness.

Stich Fray was quoted as saying: “There were so many things that inspired the compositions, like the people that am always surrounded with are people with a hard working spirit. And the things I see and hear in my everyday life were the biggest inspiration.”

Notable tracks to watch on the mixtape are “Ndine Otengedwa” feat. Sir Patricks, “Ukasekelera” and “Zonse Zanga”. The singer also has “Ndinalota” and “Wa Minibus” acoustic versions on the mixtape that features up-and-coming artists namely Nesnes, Zeze, Maximum Rev and Sir Patricks.

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