Prime Time Media label will this coming Sunday 21 September, be unveiling a double album launch of its artist Gwamba and Nesnes at Lilongwe golf club.

Duncan Zgambo aka Gwamba signed to Prime Time Media is well-known for his style, a delivery of hip-hop lyrics in vernacular Chichewa

Gwamba and Nesnes a dancehall/Afro R&B singer have been working on their albums since 2013 and have so far released top chart singles which have been making waves on the local music scene and neighboring countries.

Gwamba and Nesnes now have full albums titled Kudutsa Pakhoma and Nthawi Yakwana, respectively.

Gwamba and Nesnes’ albums have been produced by Blantyre and Lilongwe producers including Uncle Layi, Janta, BFB, DJ Sley and Pro-Pee. The Prime Time Media artists have featured both up-coming and big artists

“We are all set, all artists are geared up and Lilongwe is ready for the show,” said the Lilongwe-based rapper Gwamba in an interview this week.

Nesnes: I promise they will have a blast.”

“I have been waiting for this day. I’m very ready and just waiting for my fans to come and see what I’ve prepared for them and I promise they will have a blast”.

The artists are also expected to perform their hit singles such as Ndiyima Pachulu, Bola Kusache, Chidodo and It’s Not Fair at the launching.

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