The Malawi Electoral Commission says is still waiting for a police report on the fire that gutted its Lilongwe warehouse mid July.

Malawi Electoral Commissions (MEC) says it’s still awaiting a full police report as to what caused the fire which gutted down its Lilongwe warehouse in mid July this year.

FaceofMalawi speaking to MEC’s Chief elections officer, Willie Kalonga, confirmed that “the commission is waiting to for a police report on what exactly happened.”

The warehouse is also said to have contained about 1,500 ballot boxes, gas cylinders, gas lamps, generators, furniture and stationary. However, cost of the damage is yet to be known.

“The latest information that we have heard from the inspector general of the police is that investigations are underway. But as MEC, we are not suspecting anyone. We’ve left the process in the hands of the police who will submit a report to us,” said Kalonga.

But however inspector general of police Lot Dzonzi said the low enforcers were yet to get to the bottom of the matter.

“We are still investigating that fire, and we have a lot of information coming in. Police is looking for substantive evidence in the meantime,” said Dzonzi while appealing to the public to furnish the police with credible information.

Dzonzi could however not give a deadline for the work.

This year alone, mysterious fires have gutted a number of markets, offices and the warehouses.

Malawi government has since instituted a ministerial special committee to try to get to the root of the bizarre occurrence, but its report is yet to be released. Initial investigations, though, point to security lapse.

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