The Inspector General (IG) of Police Paul Kanyama has issued a fresh warning to criminals terrorising Malawians that the police will use necessary force to safeguard peace in the country.

Speaking yesterday after opening a two-day result-based management workshop for senior police officers in Lilongwe, Kanyama said police should be tough and not treat criminals as children.

Kanyama said: As police officers we have to be very tough and we will make sure that we use all the necessary force required to subdue criminals. We will be revisiting our vision and mission because criminals are becoming sophiscated by the day.

If I hear that criminals have got guns and are terrorising innocent people, I will send officers fully equipped with proper ammunition to deal with them.

He further added that people should not complain that police are violating rights of criminals because the criminals also violate rights of innocent and hardworking Malawians.

“Criminals sometimes kill and rape their victims even in front of people. We want to bring to an end this practice by fully arming our officers so that we deal with this problem once and for all,” said the IG.

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Paul Chibingu said police officers need continuous knowledge and skills development because of the challenges they meet every day when discharging their duties.

Former police IG Lot Dzonzi, who has resigned and was also present at the function, asked the officers to work hard and have a proper vision if they want to excel in life.

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