We are back at it again as this time we bring to you a camera man who took a dangerous picture of a man rather transformed into a snake trying to swallow a certain lady.

According to information sourced by FaceofMalawi some guy took a young lady to a certain young beautiful lady to some motel so as they wanted to spend some quality time alone.

Unluckily for the young girl it turned up to be a nightmare after engaging with the man he then transformed into a snake as he was about to swallow the lady, she screamed
for help screamed for help.

After hearing the screams the hotel attendants rushed to the scene where they found the snake but not after it had killed its prey.

Luckily for us there was a bold camera man around to capture the epic image the snake right before it fled the scene.

What’s your take on the on the story; could this be for REAL or FAKE?

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