Police in Blantyre have arrested a 60 year-old man Masauko Mbewe and his son for allegedly injuring a suspect believed to have stolen sugar cane from their garden.
Mbewe and his 24 year-old son are said to have caught the victim stealing sugar cane, and instead of taking him to Police, they dealt with him by cutting his ligaments on his legs.

According to Constable Andrew Mayawo, Assistant spokesperson for Blantyre Police.The incident happened on July 11 around 8pm near Sky Ways Business College in the commercial capital, Blantyre,

“Masauko Mbewe and his son guard the sugar cane field at night and on this material day, they bumped into the victim and caught him stealing sugar cane.
They severely whacked him and left him half dead.The victim was then rushed to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where he regained conscious and his still admitted to the hospital,”said Mayawo.

Mayawo urged the general public to avoid taking laws into their own hands , saying suspects are always innocent until proven guilty court of law.

As police, we will allow justice to prevail. We have levelled charged against them because they have flouted the country laws.

The best they could have done was to take them to near by police station. Mob justice is no good. It’s an offence punishable by law. It is the only court that have the mandate to give punishments to those proven to have committed an offence,”said Mayawo.

Mbewe and his son hail from Teza village, Traditional Authority Ganya in Ntcheu district, but they based in Mbayani while the victim hails from Mbiza village.

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