A man who went around telling people that he was a senior army officer and duped youths of their cash by promising them jobs had his racket uncovered by the Police when he failed to pay a prostitute for services provided.
Shepherd Tshuma was found with O and A level certificates belonging to different people throughout the country when the Police searched his lodgings.

The court heard that Tshuma (30) of Tsambala Village, Chief Siabuwa in Binga met Simangaliso Ncube last month. Tshuma indicated to Ncube that he wanted one-night accommodation as he had nowhere to sleep.

He told the complainant that he had a deal he wanted to execute in Zvishavane but because he had arrived late he could not meet with the person so he just needed a night sleep over.

Ncube fell for the trap and allowed the convict to sleep with her at her house. The following day Shepherd left the house to go and execute his deal but he later came back saying the person he was doing business with had gone to Masvingo to collect money for his payments.

That day the complainant went out of the house and left the convict in her house alone. While the complainant was away the convict stole $90, a pair of slip-ons and a Nokia cell phone belonging to the complainant.

Tshuma was later seen by the complainant while working in the city centre weeks later and she caused his arrest.

When Police searched the convict’s house on July 4 2015 they found a stolen POSB debit card and a bag containing a flute and photocopies of ‘A’ Level and ‘O’ level certificates belonging to different persons across the country.

It was realised that he was using the flute to disguise as an Army commander and he would move around the country taking people’s money after making them believe that he would recruit them into the Army.

Shepherd was however convicted of unauthorised use of a debit card and possessing property reasonably suspected to be stolen.

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