Internet has embarked on discovering new ways of helping 50 cent to get rich again, Times are hard for Fiddy,and he recently filed for bankruptcy after he was forced to pay $5million to the woman whose sex tape he leaked.

As a result, the Vitamin Water mogul’s attempts to get rich have hit a massive brick wall.

The internet is on hand to make sure 50 gets back on his feet, in the guise of a new Tumblr nobly titled ‘Make 50 Cent rich again!’

It works by letting users play 50’s track Piggy Bank on Spotify, thus filling his actual piggy bank with the artists’ fee.

With the artists’ fee at $0.0011 he’s got a long way to go, but he’s off to a good start, raising $22.6101 so far. With debts and assets of only $10m-$50m I’m sure we can get him back on his feet by Christmas.

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