Controversial South African based Malawian Pastor, Hastings Salanje has vowed to probe Leston Mulli and the current administration under President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika over the writing off of toxic loans at the then State-owned Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) once he took over government.

The development comes barely a month after Pastor Salanje, founder of God Chapel International Church declared interest join politics and contest as Presidential candidates come 2030.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Salanje said it is not worthy for the government use taxpayers money in writing of Mulli’s debt at Malawi Savings Bank while many Malawians are languishing in poverty.

Pastor Salanje also warned to stop being a Political conduit, saying Malawians are not fools.

“Mr muli if politicians are using you, you better reverse things now, because all of us we can not be fools. How do people feel when they are robing the poor? How do you feel when you see someone going to bed with empty stomach, yet you have robed his or her benefits?.

“The duty of Government is to take money from the rich and share with the poor, but today Government is taking money from the poor and share it with the rich,” said Salanje.

The government discharged money amounting to MK6 billion in writing of the toxic loans at MSB and Mulli had the lions share in the debt.

The development led to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the country to hold demonstrations against the government decision to write off the loans.

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