Easy way to make a girl fall in love with you after phone conversation


I have heard so many guys say they find it difficult to communicate with a lady over the phone. Honestly, it isn’t that hard. I want to post a conversation I had with a girl early this year. It is just all about composure and confidence. You don’t even need to be a good speaker to do this.

Learn from my conversation guys…

The sweet words work the magic. In fact, I have been winning hearts with sweet words.

Me: Baby, I feel very sick…….

She: What is wrong with you, have you taken drugs? Have you gone to see a Doctor?

Me: Yes I have. The illness is very severe and complicated. The doctor said I am suffering from the lack of vitamin U. I have taken all the drugs in the world but no improvements. The Doctor said Vitamin U is a disease of the heart, only the kisses from the girl I love can cure it. He also gave me  prescriptions. You in the morning, you in the afternoon and more of you in the night.

She: hahahha, you are not serious. You almost scared me. I was worried and I thought you were sick for real.

Me: If you are really worried, then prepare yourself and head to my house right away. I need a lovely lady, a caring woman, the most beautiful creature in the world by my side in this moment of the sickness of you. At least, with you by my side I won’t want to die. I don’t want to miss those pretty things at the front of your chest, your lovely kisses and your wonderful smile. Even if I die, I go warn God make him no try nonsense with me ooo. Ehenn God so you dey jealous me abii? Allow me enjoy the rest of my life with  the most beautiful creature wey you create.

It is all about expressing yourself freely. Make sense out of nonsense, try to be yourself. Most people go online to copy toasting lines and all that, it is wrong to do that. Create your own lines and make it funny and acceptable.
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