A teenage girl tried to fight off her alleged attacker, Peter Dashboy Khoza by stabbing him before he raped her, the Johannesburg High court heard on Tuesday.

Khoza is on trial in the Johannesburg High Court sitting at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court‚ southeast of Johannesburg‚ facing 152 charges including 46 of kidnapping‚ 29 of rape‚ 28 of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm and 19 of compelling or causing a child to witness a sexual assault.

Khoza has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

He allegedly committed the offences between 2007 and 2013 in Tembisa and Olifantsfontein‚ northeast of Johannesburg. He targeted girls as young as nine years old.

The 13 year-old girl‚ from Kliptown‚ Soweto‚ told the court that she and two other friends were playing at a park in August 2012 when Khoza approached them and asked them to accompany him to fetch his child.

She said they all walked with Khoza until they had to cross a road. By that time‚ another friend had joined them.

She said Khoza then told two of her friends to go home and he took her and another one with‚ promising to buy them yoghurts.

“We walked a long distance. We stopped and drank some water. We continued walking until we reached a bush. I did not want to go into the bush…He told us that there were people who wanted to kill us.”

She said they saw a hole and Khoza told them to go into it.

“He started talking to himself. He took out a knife and a (empty) mealie-meal bag. He cut the bag and placed it on the ground.”

The girl said Khoza then instructed her friend to undress.

“He took out a cellphone and a Zam-Buk from his pocket.”

She said Khoza rubbed the Zam-Buk onto her friend’s vagina and raped her.

When he finished raping her friend‚ the girl said Khoza instructed her to undress and lie down.

“I was scared. I saw the knife and I took it and stabbed him. He bit me on my face and hand and strangled me‚” the girl said breaking down in tears.

She said Khoza took out the Zam-Buk again and rubbed it onto her vagina before raping her too.

The girl said when Khoza was done with her‚ he raped her friend again.

“He tied my hands with his shoelaces and said I was stout [naughty]… He told [the friend] that he would take her with and leave me behind‚” the teenager told the court.

The court was adjourned because the witness was tired.


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