A woman in the remote location of Ntandile in Lilongwe narrowly escaped death at the hands of angry residents who suspected her of having exhumed five year old baby’s body around 9 o’clock morning of Tuesday.

According to Malawi News Agency (MANA), the woman (name withheld), was allegedly spotted going into the graveyard carrying a plastic pail.

The residents had waited to establish her intentions when they later saw the suspect coming out of the cemetery carrying the same bucket with “something” in it according to one witness.

“She then dumped the bucket’s contents in a plot near the graveyard when she realized she had been watched after which she started to run and that is what sparked the havoc,” explained the witness who opted for anonymity.

According to the publication, Lingadzi police rushed to the scene to calm the situation and arrested the suspect who was apparently in police custody when this reporter went to press though Lilongwe Police Public Relations Office was yet to make any comments.

However, Senior Group Village Head Chigoneka in whose territory the incident happened, denied any truth in the story saying the woman owned a piece of land neighbouring the cemetery on which she hard cultivated.

“When such incidents happen, we also conduct our special investigations in our wisdom as chiefs and this whole event is just a hoax,” explained Senior Chief Chigoneka in a separate interview.

However the residents maintained their stance arguing that the woman hoped she would not be seen as a majority of the area’s residents had been decoyed by another equality mystifying incident where a 7 years old girl was discovered dead on the banks of Lingadzi river at around the same time, on the other side of the graveyard.

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