UNILADs Russian Mafia Boss Caught On CCTV Having Sex With Lawyer In His Cell image

A Russian mafia boss has been caught on camera allegedly having sex in his jail cell with his ‘human rights lawyer’.

The unnamed gangster was reportedly had frequent visits by a blonde woman claiming to be a human rights activist, but rather than checking on whether the convicted criminal was being properly looked after and happy with his jail conditions, she was giving him a very different type of special treatment.

In the CCTV clip, the woman can be seen hugging the Mafia boss before stripping off and apparently getting straight down to business with him on the bed.

The pair was rumbled when guards noticed their meetings had been taking longer than usual and decided to investigate. They probably weren’t expecting to see this… One of the perks of being a crime lord, we guess.

The footage has caused outrage in Russia, not only because of the mafia boss’ extra-curricular activities, but because many are unhappy with the size of the prison cell itself, claiming it looks like a bedroom which could be found in any Russian house.

It’s not known how the video got leaked, but was reportedly captured in April.


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